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Whether you are located in the USA or abroad, seeking to export, or to import, or to expand your business operations to areas beyond your home country, the challenges and costs brought about by differing legal and tax systems, business and cultural customs and practices, logistics, languages, and currencies can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly if you do not have staff with the necessary hands-on international experience. Knowing the questions and having ready access to the professionals to answer them can be equally as daunting. Do not despair. This is where our members excel by helping you turn challenges into opportunities. Our members, all of whom are experienced and respected independent professionals, are well positioned to help you bridge the gaps and open the doors to your international projects and to do so in a cost-effective and goal-oriented manner. We have been working collaboratively for client benefit since 1993, and many members have been serving clients long before. InterServe leverages the practical experience and skills of its members to help you. As you traverse our website, you will learn more about the capabilities and range of services available to you or by contacting our Chairman or any member. You will find that the InterServe alliance offers unique advantages.

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