Unique Advantages

Cost-Effective Services

Clients receive the benefits of InterServe without charge by InterServe. Clients are charged only by individual firms for services rendered to the client by the firm; there are no referral fees among members; and members do not pay InterServe for business obtained.

One Source Access

Client’s gain ready access to a broad range of skills performed by recognized professionals dedicated to meeting client objectives, either individually or in tandem with InterServe members or with others as necessary for a project.

Virtual “In-House Staff”

Working with an InterServe firm gives clients the benefit of having an in-house team of international professionals, without the continuing cost burdens of an employed staff of comparable breadth and experience.

Global Assets

By pooling of member’s professional assets throughout the world (professional relationships), each member is able to call on those assets as needed to facilitate meeting client goals.


The firms of InterServe are intentionally allied on a non-exclusive basis to afford clients the flexibility to decide which firm or firms they want to engage for a given project either within or beyond InterServe.


The firms of InterServe can serve as out-sourcing service providers to close skill area gaps and relieve peak load burdens of time sensitive projects for clients with or without existing staff capacity. 

Educational Programs

InterServe periodically offers educational services to prepare businesses for or to update them on global commercial issues through conducting or sponsoring briefings, seminars and workshops on international topics of practical use to the business community.